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Meera Bai was born into a Rajput royal family of Khudki district of Pali, Rajsthan, India. She is mentioned in Bhakt mal, confirming that she was widely known and a cherished figure in the Bhakti movement culture by about 1600 CE. Most legends about Meera mention her fearless disregard for social and family conventions, her devotion to god Krishna, her treating Krishna as her husband, and she being persecuted by her in laws for her religious devotion.
 She has been the subject of numerous folk tales and hagiographies legends, which are inconsistent or widely different in details.

Thousands of devotional poems in passionate praise of Lord Krishna are attributed to Meera in the Indian tradition, but just a few hundred are believed to be authentic by scholars, and the earliest written records suggest that except for two poems, most were written down only in the 18th century.
Many poems attributed to Meera were likely composed later by others who admired Meera. These poems are commonly known as bhajan, and are popular across India.
Hindu temples, such as in Chittorgarh fort, are dedicated to Mira Bai’s memory.
Legends about Meera’s life, of contested authenticity, have been the subject of movies, comic strips and other popular literature in modern times.

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