Krishna sakhi… pastel work

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Lalita is one of the nine principal gopis within traditional Gaudiya Vaishnava worship of Radha and Krishna within the Hindu religion.
Of the eight Varistha Gopis, Asta Sakhis, Lalita is the foremost. She is a friend of the Divine Couple, Sri Sri Radha Krishna. Her age is 14 years, 8 months and 27 days. She is the oldest of Krishna’s gopi friends. Lalita resides in Yavat and is famous as Radha’s constant companion. She is the personification of Khandana Bhava and the leader of the parama-prema sakis. Her kunja, the color of lightning, is the largest and is situated on the North side of Vrindavan. The personified seasons take eternally personal care of the kunja. Shaped like an 8 petal lotus, it expands and contracts when needed. Lalitadevi instructs and directs all the sakis and is an expert in the tactics of union and separation in the matter of prema. Lalita devi is known for her contradictory and hot tempered nature (vama-prakhara). Her complexion is the color of gorochana(bright yellow pigment prepared from the urine of a cow) and her garments are the brilliant colors of peacock tail feathers.
Rupa manjari (Rupa Goswami) is the assistant and follower of Lalita-sakhi; thus all who consider themselves as Rupanuga bhaktas (followers of Rupa Goswami) are ultimately the servants of Lalita Devi and thus through the media of the parampara should always be longing to engage in the service of her lotus feet. When the day comes at which we are given the opportunity to serve her, she will engage us in the intimate loving service of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna according to our heart’s desire (Radha-Krishna-goddess-dipika)

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